Coronavirus life on Copper surface

Coronavirus life on Copper surface

Being a connoisseur of copper products we keep talking and promoting about the antimicrobial properties of copper.

Amidst the global coronavirus pandemic, it has become important for us to reiterate the fact backed by the researches being conducted globally that copper is really effective in preventing the growth of coronavirus as copper is antimicrobial and antibacterial in nature.

Copper Kills Coronavirus

A report published on Fast Company website is a must read to understand why copper should be used in commonly touched surfaces like bathroom fixtures, door knobs, public places like hospitals, hotels etc.

How Long does the Coronavirus Live on Surfaces? | NBC New York

The NBC New York video report below gives details on how long does Coronavirus live on different surfaces

Below are the extracts of some researches published on various reputed publishing brand to support our claims:

1. The Washington Post

Read more about this research on The Washington Post

2. National Center for Biotechnology Information

Research published on National Center for Biotechnology Information

3. abc News

Below is the extract of research published on abc News:

Read more on abc News


A must watch video

An interesting video is published by IZReviews on their YouTube channel recently. In this video the presenter named Ilya reads out a scientific study that could possibly be the way to stop the spread of coronavirus bacteria from the commonly touched surfaces.

A review published by on their YouTube channel

Extensive use of copper in public places can help combat spread of the recently erupted pandemic influenza or popularly known as swine flue (H1N1) due to the red metal’s anti bacterial property, said a study conducted by professor Bill Keevil from the University of Southhampton, presented at the BIT Life Sciences’ 2nd Annual World Summit of anti-virals in Beijing on July 18.

The study further found that copper touch surfaces can significantly reduce the concentration of influenza A virus on them, raising hopes that it may also be effective against other strains of the virus. About 75 per cent of influenza A are knocked out in 1 hour on a copper surface and almost completely in 6 hours.

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