Copper Bathtub Evolution

Copper Bathtub Evolution

Copper is a metal of fortune and has withstood as a witness to the evolution of the human race, transformation, and progression of its lifestyle trends. Across civilizations, cultures, and eras, kings/emperors, queens, aristocracy, and nobility have chosen to bathe in the luxury of copper bathtubs. Anciently copper bathtubs have symbolized affluence, extravagance, and sensuality. This is eloquently captured and documented in sculptures, paintings, literature, photographs, theatre, and movies. A notable bathtub anecdote in history is related to Greek inventor Archimedes who discovered the Physical Law of Buoyancy while soaking in a bathtub. As he entered the bathtub the water rose, he happily shouted “Eureka”, as he figured out that volumes of all kinds of objects can be measured.

The relics of the earliest plumbing systems were copper water pipes from palace ruins, dating back 6000 years to the Indus River Valley civilization in India. The modern-day concept of bathing, sanitation, and bathtub design is an inspiring ode of its rise and fall along with the Roman empire, collapse and disappearance in Dark Ages to renaissance post World War-1 and achieving excellence and pinnacle in the 21st century. The tradition and craft of bathtub manufacture have used wood, stone/marble/granite, copper, brass, cast iron, steel, acrylic, and porcelain.

Ancient civilizations like Indian/Mexican/Mesopotamian and Egyptians widely embraced bath with fragrant aromas, oil, and mud covers among their kings, queens, royals, and elites.

Coppersmith Creations can be hailed as a pioneer for its expertise and skillful craftsmanship in copper bathtub manufacture and our exquisite collection of copper bathtubs helps our buyers realize their dream of opulent and stunning bathrooms. Coppersmith Creations master coppersmiths reflect centuries of techniques that are refined to create various copper bathtub designs like slanting base, clawfoot, drop-in, free-standing, rectangular, and oval. The versatility of Coppersmith Creations copper bathtubs is expanded with nickel, tin, and a variety of exotic paint finishing.

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